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Chapitre Scan One piece 838 - Bropper~VA
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One Piece Chapitre Scan 838

Spoiler pour Caché:
Cracker stands up slowly.

Luffy gives him Kong Gun again, which crushes Cracker, but from inside his body,the true Cracker appears.

Cracker praises Luffy for destroying his armor. He ate Bis Bis DF (Biscuit Biscuit). He can produces infinite biscuits and manipulates them. He made his fake face from biscuits. Even the face on his bounty poster is just an armor, not himself.

Cracker produces many Biscuit soldiers, which is the same as Luffy was fighting.

Actually the soldier Luffy defeated turns out to be just a single soldier that Cracker can produces infinitely. He asks Luffy if he understands why Cracker told him that he can no longer meet Sanji. But Luffy denies.

In the meantime, Nami shows Vivre card and asks Homies who they are afraid more between Cracker and Big Mom.

Homies answer they are afraid of Nami most. lol

Meanwhile in the world of mirror,

Chopper tells Carrot to call him "Big brother Chopper" since he comes up with a great idea to take advantage of Brulee's devil fruit power.
He says that the world of mirror is connected with the mirrors in Whole Cake Island.

[In the next morning]

Big Mom asks if the wedding cake has arrived or not. Her subordinate answers that it will arrive tomorrow.

Ichiji and Niji appears at the port in Whole Cake Island.

Niji (Thunderbolt Blue) complains that Sanji doesn't come and welcome him at the port. Ichiji (Sparking Red) tells him not to complain.

One Piece est en pause la semaine prochaine...

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