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Chapitre Scan Fairy Tail 545 Spoilers [Fin] - TBC
« le: vendredi 21 juillet 2017, 07:28:09 »
Spoils du chapitre 545 de Fairy Tail, qui sort entre le 21 et le 22 Juillet:

Les chapitres se trouvent sur:- et -

Chapitre 545: Des amis irremplaçables Le RAW du chapitres est disponible ici:

- Year is X793, a year has passed since the war (Lucy should be 20)
- Lucy has published her novel, "The adventure of Iris", which has become a best seller and has earned her an award
- During the ceremony, the guild, like always, is causing an incredible ruckus at the party
- Anna has dedicated herself to teaching
- Levy tells Gajeel she's pregnant, most likely with the twins from the light novel
- wendy and Sherria peform again for Lamia Scale's thanksgiving
- Sherria begins to learn God Slayer magic again
- Kagura becomes a model for Sorcerer
- Gray briefly brings up his and Juvia's suicide and his answer is "maybe"
- Laxus opens up more to everyone (and Mira!)
- King Toma has abdicated in favor of Hisui, who became the queen
- Jellal and CS are absolved of their crimes for the favors they did to the country
- Makarov is well and all, but is now unable to walk anymore as an effect of his revival/fairy law
- Zeref and Mavis reincarnated and coincidentally meet at Lucy's party
- Lucy wakes up from the hangover and Natsu and Happy are in her house
- She recalls all their memories together and tells Natsu how grateful she is to have met him
- Natsu doesn't care and royally cockblocks her
- They depart together with the usual team onto a 100-year quest and as they walk into the distance, we see that fairies do indeed exist... but they don't have tails.
The end.

Lucy: Si je n'avais pas rencontré Natsu et Happy, je ne serait pas là aujourd'hui.