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Après la pause COVIDuelle d’Eiichiro Oda, le chapitre One Piece 981 est publié dans le Weekly Shonen Jump N°27 (2020) le lundi 8 juin 2020 au Japon et sur le site dans le monde. Il sort le (vendredi 5 juin sur le net). Le chapitre est disponible en français.

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Chapitre One Piece 981:

Couverture et Page couleur. Sur la page couleur Sanji fait le DJ avec les Mugiwaras qui dansent autour. Certains Mugi, comme Jinbe ne sont pas sur la page couleur pour manque de place.

Apoo a survécu à l’attaque de Kid, mais il est amoché. Kid lance des piques à Apoo parce qu’il est le sous-fifre de Kaidô.

Ils se battent. Killer explique que la portée des attaques d’Apoo correspond à la portée du son. Tant qu’on peut entendre un son, il pourra attaquer

Hatch le Number apparaît. Il rit en “Ha cha cha.”

Who’s Who se prépare à sortir avec ses hommes pour trouver Yamato.

En regardant dans la direction de Queen, il se rappelle de son speech et dit qu’il veut aussi se débarrasser de quelqu’un.

Le groupe de Kin’emon essaie de passer par la résidence de Black Maria puisqu’il n’y a personne, mais ils tombent sur Big Mom.

Choppeer est caché dans un tank. Lui et Big Mom se croisent du regard.

Marco empêche les pirates de Big Mom de grimper le cascade.

Nekomamushi, Marco et Izo apparaissent à la fin du chapitre.



-A blow that can break rocks- Chapter 981: Joining the battle

Fodder1: Apoo!!

Fodder2: Hey!! He’s not from our side!! He’s Captain Kid!!


Fodder1: Eh?! Another from the worst generation!?

Fodder2: He was supposed to be captured in ‘Udon’ too!!

Queen: Shouldn’t Udon be with ‘nothing unusual’!? Babanukiiiiiiii!!

Babanuki: (No problem)

Apoo: !!

Kid: I should have realized when you took the iniciative and joined our ‘alliance’ that you were already Kaidou’s informant!!!!


Apoo: Do you think that even if we joined forces we would have crushed one of the ‘Yonkous’? Look at reality!!
First of all, a pirate alliance can’t get a happy ending!! Appappa, i thought you were killed already!!

Kid: Ugh!!

Apoo: Right, Kid?

Kid: (Smile) Trash

Fodders: Queen-san, capturing them ‘alive’ is difficult!

Queen: You can kill them!


Fodder: Yeaah!!

Killer: Kid, let’s get away from here!

Fodders: There he is! As I thought it’s “Killer”!

Fodders2: Hey stop, even if you kill him you will not become a “tobi roppou”!

Haccha: Hachahacha!! Hachaaaaaa!!!

Fodders: Uwaah, stop, it’s dangerous!


Fodder1: 2 were defeated!!!

Fodder2: Someone stop him!!!

Kid: He can’t be controlled…!? Is he a giant!? He’s even bigger!

Haccha: Hachacha!!

[Numbers Haccha]

Fodders: Hey Haccha stop!

Fodder3: I’m taking Kid!

Luffy: Kizao, let’s run to the castle!

Kid: !!


Luffy: God damn it!! As i thought you caused trouble, Kizao!!

Zoro: You are one to talk Luffy!!

Kid: You too Roronoa!!

Killer: (These guys are helpless) Faffa!!

Apoo: Check it out!!

Killer: Cover your ears!!

LuKiZo: !?

Apoo: “Doooon”♪

LuKiZo: …..!!!


Apoo: Tch

Killer: Apoo’s attack range is ‘the distance you can hear the sound’!! If you hear it you can’t escape from it, be careful of the surprise attacks!!

Luffy&Zoro&Kidd: What?

Killer: !!!

Fodder1: The worst generation has gathered in this ‘Onigashima’!!

Fodder2: If we kill them we will be famous!!

Fodder3: Did you know, Killer ate a failure of the SMILE and became a Pleasure?

Orochi in Killer’s flashback: : If you eat it i will give you a chance to save you captain

Killer: …

Kid: What’s so funny!?

Fodders: Gyaaaaah

Killer(?): Stop Kid!

Luffy: Don’t cause problems!

Who’s who: …. Did they escape from ‘Udon’?


Who’s who’s crew1: Should we go after them? We could earn an achievement.

Who’s who: Let them be, they are just a few rats. More important, find Yamato and report it to me. We will earn more achievements with that. Don’t let Sasaki go ahead(TL: I don’t know if this would be gramatically correct, but basically he’s saying to not let Sasaki find Yamato first)

Fodders: Yes!

Who’s Who: That Queen really said it… If there’s someone you want to kill, i have someone too….!!

BM: Maamamamama….!!! I got a call, the ship seems to be okay, they’ll reach here soon.

???: That’s weird, there aren’t signs of a ship in the regular port, Big Mom.

BM: ….. What ‘port’?

???: Eh?


[At the east of ‘Onigashima’. The ‘east army’ Kin’emon’s side]

[The disembarkation of the Samurais hasn’t reach the ears of the enemies. Due to that situation the ‘plan’ changed]

[Now not all the samurais were going to the rear entrance but they separated in 2 groups at the mountain path]

[Half of them went to the inside through the skull dome’s side]

[Passing as an enemy they wait until the moment to attack Kaidou]

[That’s the plan to attack Kaidou and Orochi from both sides]


[One of the miscalculation was that the additional buildings weren’t written in the old ‘blueprints of the residence’]

[A bridge in a watering place where Wisteria blooms]

[A bridge that with one sweep you can see the ‘whorehouse’]

Sanji: Kin’emon!! There’s a whorehouse theeeeere♡!!

Kin’emon: It would be look too weird if more than 2000 soldiers go across that bridge

[This is Black Maria’s house from the “Flying Six”]


Sanji: I’m coming in like if i’m being sucked in~~~!! (TL: Since this sounds weird af if someone knows a better way to say this then please @ me in the other thread i will edit that)

Kin’emon: Sanji-donoooo!!

Nami: Kin’emon, we’re going to sneak in the inside too

Shinobu: We’re going to form a team to search for Lord Momonosuke

MomoFlashback: I’ll show you i can escape alone!!

Kin: !!

Nami: You are worried right? Leave that to us!!

Carrot: You can concentrate in the battle!

Kin’emon: Thank you..!! To be honest, i was distracted! I’ll entrust him to you!!

Samurai(?): Someone came out from the whorehouse!!


Kin’emon: Sanji-dono!! It seems that you couldn’t meet a prostitute!

Kin: If there aren’t womans in the whorehouse then there aren’t mans either!! We can go across the bridge now!!

[Hearing the disturbance that Luffy caused, now there were almost no people inside the whorehouse]

Kin: I’m counting on the people who are going to sneak inside!!

Samurais: Yes!

Chopper(?): Good, that’s a good answer!

Kin: The rest follow me!!

Samurais: Yes!!

Kin: Mantain a watch over the windows of the whorehouses!!
If you see the shadow of a person in the windows…

BM: The outside is noisy…

Kin: Shit, jump into the water!!


On a waterfall outside Wano Kuni

BMP1: Let’s go brothers!!

BMP2: Woooooo!!


Perospero: King!! I will not forgive him!! Perorin♪
Climb the waterfall!!

BMP1: Why does this country only have this kind of entrances!?

BMP2: They are crazy!!

Tablet: That can be said about the “alliance” with the beast pirates too!! They must be crazy!!

Perospero: What’s Mama thinking!?


Smoothie: It’s Mama’s decision

Daifuku: An alliance!? Before that, remember what we came to do here!!

Mont-D’or&Galette: That’s right, we came to show to the world the head of “Strawhat” who made our reputation fall

Flampe: More important, i will show you i can become Kaidou’s favorite!!

BMP: Okay, we’ve arrived, Wano Kuni!! First we will take “Strawhat”‘s head and then we talk about the alliance!! Prepare for the battle!! Don’t let your guard down!

Perospero: Before, that bastard King made us…

BMP: Eh!?

Perospero: Eeeh!? King!? That bastard came to do something again… No, its not him!!!


Marco: Heeh

BMP: Marco!?

[Former First division commander of the pirates of White Beard, Marco the Phoenix]

Marco: So it was true the story about the alliance with the Big Mom pirates?
Then get out!!
Hououin(Phoenix Mark/Symbol)!!

BMP: !?
Pero’s Pero: Are you kidding meeeee!?

Smoothie: Again!?

BMP: Why is Marco here!?

Marco: By the time you come back the era may move a little more.

Nekomamushi’s ship: Hm?

Nekomamushi: What’s happening? A big ship is falling nyaa

Izou: Look up, it’s Marco’s doing. It’s been since that war.

-They’ve finally arrived!!-

Fin. Il n’y aura pas de pause après ce chapitre. Le chapitre One Piece 982 sortira le vendredi 12 juin.

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